BABYSHOWER - guide and checklist


Are you stepping up as the thoughtful and nurturing friend or family member, ready to host a babyshower for a cherished mom-to-be?

Your role as the host is crucial, but it's also an opportunity to shower love and joy on the expecting mother.

With this baby shower checklist in hand, you can craft a truly heartfelt and unforgettable event. By planning ahead and tending to every detail, you'll create an atmosphere where everyone can bask in the warmth of the occasion, including yourself.

Let this checklist be your guiding light, easing your worries and allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the love and celebration of this beautiful moment.


  • DECIDE ON A BUDGET for the baby shower, which may depend on whether anyone is co-hosting and/or contributing to the costs.
  • CHOOSE A DATE - Consult the mom-to-be to choose a date. Keep in mind whether that date is good for the most important guests, like close family members and best friends as well.
  • COMPOSE A GUESTLIST in close consultation with the mom-to-be. Make sure you have each guest's full name and address.
  • BABYSHOWER THEME - Pick a babyshower theme, as this could influence many            party-planning decisions.
  • SELECT A LOCATION - You can host a babyshower almost anywhere you want - a restaurant, a tea parlor, a park, the beach, a sports venue, or of cause your home.
  • BOOK THE VENUE or make a table reservation (if needed).
  • GIFT REGISTRY - If there is a babyshower gift registry created by the mom-to-be, it's a good idea to state where it is in the invitation. Ask the mom- to-be for this information before you finalize the invitation, because your guests will be looking for gift ideas.


  • DESIGN YOUR INVITATION - Design and edit your invitation, RSVP and details template to your liking. 
  • SEND THE INVITATIONS about four to six weeks in advance of the shower.
  • FOLLOW UP on the invites with a phone call or message, just in case any of the invitations get lost.


  • REFRESHMENT & FOOD - Select the type of refreshments or food you'd like to serve. This could be a brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or simply a spread of sweets.
  • PLAN THE MENU and organize the food. You may hire a professional caterer or take care of this yourself. Alternatively, consider asking each guest to bring a dish to share. If any of the guests has a special dietary requirement, remember to factor this in when deciding on food.
  • A BABYSHOWER CAKE can be a must. Consider the theme of the shower, and then choose cupcakes or a cake in a beautiful, matching design.
  • DRINKS - Don't forget drinks! Consider a range of beverages like coffee, tea, punch, and soda.
  • ICE - If the party will be at a home, remember to get some bags of ice so that beverages can be kept cool.


  • SELECT DECORATIONS or walls, tables, and the yard. Decorations could include balloons, candles, lights, streamers, lanterns, pennant banners, cut-out letters spelling “Welcome,” table centerpieces, and more.
  • FLOWERS - If you'd like floral decorations but don't want to pick and create your own, order the flowers and arrange for them to be picked up or delivered on the morning of the shower.
  • PLACE CARDS - Design and print place cards, if you're having them.


  • BABYSHOWER GAMES - Choose which, if any, baby shower games you'll play.
  • SUPPLIES - Gather all the supplies you'll need for these games - and don't forget the prizes!


  • PARTY FAVORS are a nice touch to say “thank you for coming” to all your babyshower guests. You, as the host, should gift the favor to each guest as they leave. Favor ideas can include a photo frame, a baby-themed soap, or a beautiful candle. This isn’t mandatory.
  • KEEP TRACK OF GIFTS - If gifts are being opened at the party, work with the mom-to-be to help her keep track of which guest has given which gift. That way, she can write personal notes thanking guests for their presence and gifts.


  • BACKGROUND MUSIC can help set the tone, so decide on what kind of babyshower music you'd like.
  • SPEAKERS - If you're going to play music from your phone, tablet, or laptop, remember to set up speakers. Or you can book live music if you'd like something more elaborate.


  • PHOTOS & VIDEOS - The mom-to-be will appreciate having photos and videos of her baby shower, so have one of the hosts or guests assigned to making sure lots of photos are taken.
  • PHOTO-SHARING SITE - Many of your guests will also take photos on their phones. Ask someone to be in charge of organizing everyone to upload their favorite pictures to a photo-sharing site or to share them on social media. Maybe with a personal #hashtag.
  • PHOTOBOOK - You or someone else might be thinking of putting together a photo book for the mom-to-be, so having all of these images to choose from will be a great help.


  • BABY PRESENT - Don't forget your baby present for the mom-to-be!


  • COMFORTABLE - Help make the mom-to-be comfortable on the day by having a special chair and pillows for her. Especially if she's in the third trimester. Maybe organize her transportation to and from the shower.
  • MEMORY BOOK - A memory book is a great keepsake for the mom-to-be. Ask guests to fill it with the best baby advice they ever received, the most important thing they know about babies, or whatever best wishes are in their heart.


to read this guide to hosting a babyshower - it warms my heart. It's a beautiful opportunity to honor the journey of pregnancy and ensure that every detail is infused with love and anticipation for the new bundle of joy.


The Hagelens Family