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DAILY ROUTINE - Morning with shelf

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Welcome to Hagelens Daily Routine Set - Morning with shelf, a heartfelt solution to your daily parenting challenges.
As a fellow parents, I understand the importance of establishing routines that foster independence and confidence in our children.
That's why we've created these Montessori-inspired routine cards, crafted with love and care to guide your little one through their daily tasks.

My routine cards are more than just learning tools; they're companions on your parenting journey, offering a visual schedule that brings structure and consistency to each day. With a focus on eco-friendly materials, we've ensured that every card is safe for your child and gentle on the environment.

As you introduce these cards into your child's routine, imagine the sense of empowerment and accomplishment they'll feel as they complete each task independently. From brushing teeth to getting dressed, these cards provide a roadmap for your child to navigate their morning with confidence.

Join us in embracing the magic of Montessori-inspired learning and watch as your child flourishes with each step of their daily routine. Together, let's create a nurturing environment where children can thrive and parents can find peace of mind.
Contains the tasks:
Wash hands
Brush teeth
Comb hair
Put on clothes
Put on coat and shoes
        The daily routine set is made of 100% beech wood, at our FSC certified manufacturer.
        Our packing is made of FSC approved cardboard.
        The package contains 8 pieces of daily routine cards and one shelf.
        The cards are 4,2 x, 4,2 x 0,6 cm
        The shelf is 38 x 2,7 x 3,5 cm

        We only use FSC-approved wood for our products and we've consciously chosen to eliminate plastic from our products and wrapping.

          DAILY ROUTINE - Morning with shelf
          DAILY ROUTINE - Morning with shelf



          We truly understand your desire to customize and personalize your order to include a shelf along with our family, night, and chores cards or a card that is in your need, but not in our stock.

          However, our packages are pre-packed with careful consideration to ensure efficiency and timely delivery to all our customers. Though we cannot modify our pre-packaged sets, we believe that the cards included in each set offer valuable tools to enhance your family's organization and harmony.

          We pour every ounce of passion into creating products that we hope will become treasured parts of your family's story.

          We sincerely appreciate your interest in Hagelens, and we hope that our thoughtfully designed products bring joy and warmth to your home.


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